Nonimmigrant Trainee (H-3)
Who Gets It?
H-3 visas are granted to individuals who are invited to the United States by an individual or an organization to receive training in a specific field.
What the USCIS Wants to See?
The USCIS/Consulate asks for documentation and a written explanation of the purpose, the function, and the requirements of the intended training. The following is a list of some of the components for approval.
  1. Submissions must establish clear goals, schedules, and objectives for the training.
  2. Submissions must establish the connection between the visa seeker’s abroad employment or educational goals and the training opportunity in the USA.
  3. Submissions must establish that the training sought is unavailable in the visa seeker’s country of residence and/or study.
What the USCIS/Consulate Does Not Want to See?
The USCIS/Consulate will call into question an H-3 petition based on a number of factors. These are the issues that have been raised in the past. Be aware that the USCIS can take issue with just about anything, so this list is nowhere near complete.
  1. Evidence that the training is not related to the visa seeker’s career or education goals.
  2. Evidence that the visa seeker will engage in productive employment that is not incidental or necessary to the training.
  3. Evidence that the visa seeker does not intend to return to their country of residence. 
Remember that each case is unique. To find out whether you qualify for this visa, please contact us directly and set up an appointment.